Georgia -7 5.5% NCAAF POD

This is a New Year's Day Six bowl game, and Georgia is lucky enough to face an undefeated Cinci team.  We saw similar result last year where Georgia had guys opt out, but the key guys and depth is here for Georgia who will be playing in a dome where their speed can be on full display in their home state with 15K fans make enough noise to impact the game.  Georgia's defense will have a difference maker that even HC Luke Fickel admitted they have not seen before, and that's 6-6 330lb Jordan Davis.  Azeez and Richard Lecounte also will be out there, and Georgia's real weakness which would be in the secondary won't be exposed by Cinci's Ritter in my opinion.  

I think if JT Daniels had the opportunity to start from day 1, with a full spring and summer that Georgia would have likely been in the playoff.  They could be that good on offense, and I think we saw it over the last 3 games.  I think Georgia will be able to score a lot of points in this game.  We saw Cinci struggle against UCF team that can pass the ball, and I believe Georgia is not taking this game off.  In 2018 against Texas maybe, but last year's focus and all the quotes I have seen from Georgia's coaches make me think that this game is meaningful to them.  Georgia will be prepared, and they have a significant edge on special teams that I think will also play a factor here, but overall the talent and depth of Georgia should take over in this game. 

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