Looking for your own handicapping website?

We can build you your very own handicapping website for just $100 - Depending on customization, but most people will charge you thousands we build it for you for only $100.  You don't have to worry about content or anything you have access to sell, promote, and market over 100 handicappers who are winning every day.  There is plenty of inventory to market.
Want to increase cash flow to your site by cashing in on the ever-growing sports handicapping industry? If you have a sports or gaming related site, you may be interested in signing up with our sports picks affiliate program!

Why Join?
It's simple.  You want try as many money-making opportunities within the sports market as possible. This affiliate program has been designed to deliver earnings to all of our partners. We’ll give you the tools and our proven to help you monetize your site better than ever before.

There is no cost to join our affiliate program, $0.00.  All information and software are provided to you at no fee.  Your first step to get started today is to go to our signup page and register for an account.

There is significant potential for you to earn a lot of money with our affiliate program, but how much of that potential you realize will be based strongly correlated with how much targeted traffic you drive to your site and how well you promote the program.  Some of our highest trafficked affiliates bring in over $15,000 per month from our program alone.

Is This Legal?
There is no wagering on this website or within our affiliate program, it is 100% legal in the United States.  Be sure to check your national and local laws if you have any specific concerns, but all we are selling is prediction information.

Commission Structure
Your share starts at 30% of the net revenue you generate, with our top affiliate of the month receiving a 40% share the following month.

Detailed reporting is provided for all of our partners online so you can track your earnings up-to-the-minute.

Payment Options
Affiliates can choose to receive payments via a PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Marketing Tools
*Access to our sports picks feeds (handicapper pages, leaderboards, etc.) which can easily be integrated into any website (shopping cart included, no additional programs needed)
*Graphic banners and text links to display on your site.

How to Join
Go to our partner signup page and register for an account.



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