My name is Freddy Wills, I'm 38 years old.  I'm a husband, and Father of three wonderful kids.  I have been betting on sports for more than a decade, and have giving my information out professionally since 2009.  I am also an avid long distance runner with 10 marathons and 1 ultra under my belt.  I believe in developing mental strength, and discipline, and running crazy distances, and sports betting definitely require the mastery of mental strength.  I have proven over the past 13 seasons that I know how to profit for clients with my conservative betting approach.    So Why Invest in Fredy Wills.  ?

How I got here?  I broke into sports handicapping during college when I developed a series of algorithms and formulas that helped me predict straight up winners for college football, and I successfully posted my winners on under the name fritz218. I still uses these algorithms today with fine weekly tuning and they have led me to huge seasons that have led to national awards.  In 2017 I decided to solely concentrate on football handicapping.  This gives me a unique edge over other handicappers and aligns with my strengths and passion.  It has also resulted in 9 of 12 winning seasons with an overall average yearly ROI of 29.38%.  Check out some of my key links and information - Yearly POD ROI | NCAAF POD's | NFL POD's | All Football Picks ROI.

The two most important things to me in this business are long term profit and integrity," which is why I go above and beyond to be completely transparent with my picks each season. Not only am I monitored by third party sports monitors, but all of my picks are available to the public just minutes after a game start via our records table, twitter, and facebook, and all of our plays are archived in our documented records section dating back to 2009.  I consider myself a college football guru and it is definitely the sport I am most passionate about handicapping and the sport I am the best at handicapping.  If you are new to following me I recommend you have a listen to my weekly college football betting podcast on ITUNES.

Ranking System: I rank my plays on a scale of 1-5.5% of bankroll confidence scale. My signature play of the day's range from a 3-5.5% of my bankroll. A client with $10,000 bankroll can expect to bet $550 on my highest rated plays (expect 1 per week). I highly recommend having disciplined money management skills which I have outlined in my Sports Money Management vs. The Stock Market article.  It is also worth nothing that I bet all of the plays I give out.  When you lose I lose and nobody works harder to get you in the green at the end of a season.  Nothing in this industry is a guarantee, but you will find that it is a long term investment that's much more lucrative and more fun than the stock market.

Biggest Win: I remember like it was yesterday. An undefeated Oklahoma State team was more than a 4 TD favorite on the road on a Friday night against Iowa State. I took Iowa State plus the points as well as on the money line at +2250 and the result was a huge win for clients. Read the archived play - Iowa State +2250

Quote: "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." is a quote from a famous Tanzania Boston marathon runner. I run marathons, but this quote means much more to me as it is a great metaphor for life, and personal goals. This is something that drives me daily, because while luck plays a huge role in losing and winning seasons, hard work is what drives success and long term profit.

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