The purpose of this article is for you to get a feel for who I am as an investor so that you can trust the information I recommend.  Overall, my football picks have out performed the stock market, but that does not mean I recommend you solely invest in my football picks.  I also handle my bankroll for betting on sports a bit differently than I do with my long term investments.  I withdraw my initial investment + profits or losses at the end of every football season, and typically start wiht the same investment in next year, wich can be shown in my overall football roi export.h This is a more conservative aproach where you don't get the rewards of the compounded growth, but it offers less risk, because theoretically I could lose 20-30 games in a row and lose my entire bankroll.  I'm proud to say that there has never been a season wehre I lost 100% of my bankroll, and I have an agressive style where my most confident plays are 5.5% of my overall bankroll.

My sports betting bankroll makes up roughly 10-15% of my overall investment portfolio.  The other 85% being being my ROTH IRA, Crypto currency, Index fund/Stocks, & Real Estate.  I believe this to be conservative since I have had a long history of success and discipline betting on sports over more than a decade.  Future profits are never guarnateed, but it allows me to comfortably play agressive with my 5.5% plays.  This approach may not be right for you, and if you are sacrificing a larger percentage of your investment portfolio, I definitely do not recommend betting 5.5% of your bankroll on a single play.  If you don't have a 6 month emergency fund, and putting 15% of yoru paycheck into a 401K, I don't recommend you bet on sports.  This is not a tool to get rich, and anyone that tells you the opposite is completely full of shit.  You are also more likely to get sick to your stomach betting with money you can't afford to lose, and it often times results in a player doing undisciplined things like chasing.   Sports betting is simply a way to divesify my portfolio in a different way.

Below I am comparing betting on sports to investing in a popular S&P Index Fund to show you that I have out performed the market over the past 12 years.  According to the market average you can expect to earn around 10-12% with good growth stock mutual funds if you know what you are doing.  Actually it's not that hard as long as you stick to simple plan and don't get too greedy. Here is a great article on the 12% reality, "The current average annual return from 1926, the year of the S&P's inception, through 2011 is 11.69%. That's a long look back, and most people aren't interested in what happened in the market 80 years ago."   For example purposes we looked back at the last 12 years to compare with my football picks over that same time frame.

Football Picks S&P Index Historical Data
Year ROI Year  ROI 
2009-10 20.52% 2009 23.45%
2010-11 14.05% 2010 12.78%
2011-12 164.04% 2011 0%
2012-13 6.13% 2012 13.41%
2013-14 -5.65% 2013 29.60%
2014-15 65.76% 2014 11.39%
2015-16 2.01% 2015 -0.73%
2016-17 55.00% 2016 9.54%
2017-18 -49.70% 2017 19.42%
2018-19 56.07% 2018 -6.24%
2019-20 -30.79% 2019 28.88%
2020-21 55.06% 2020 16.26%
Avg. Yearly 29.38% Avg. Yearly 13.15%
The chart above shows the average yearly ROI of my football picks compared with the S&P 500.  True profits are a bit more complicate to predict, because typically when you invest in S&P 500 you have various periods throughout the year when you inject funds compare to my approach in football, which I explained earlier.  I inject my funds, for example $100K investment, and withdraw at the end of the season and start the next season with $100K investment again, and doing it that way I have earned a total 352% return on investment.  It's a more conservative way to bet on sports vs. rolling over your winnings each year, which is riskier, and not something I am personally in favor of although in my example it would have led to a lot more profit. 
Source for S&P Index: 
Source for Freddy Wills Football Picks ROI Tool & Documented Records 
If you have more questions about my investment philsophy before you decide to invest with me.  Feel free to email me.


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