SMU +400 1.5% PLAY
South Florida has Central Florida up next, and SMU is no slouch especially with their offense while South Florida’s defense is not exactly able to stop many average offenses let alone an SMU offense that put up 40, 38, 35, 7, and 55 in their last 5 games. Mixed in there are some pretty good defenses in Houston, Tulsa and Tulane all ranking better in yards per play defense than South Florida at #90. The Memphis game SMU turned the ball over and were -3 TO margin, but today if they can have turnovers on their side they will have a chance to win the game and the value is just too high with this one not to take a shot with tremendous value. I also like the fact that SMU is desperate to get to a bowl game they are definitely an improved team and even their defense has stepped up at times this year. They beat Houston at home earlier in the year and if they beat South Florida that is a hell of a season. South Florida won this game last year, but SMU turned it over 4 times in the 38-14 loss but actually outgained South Florida 365 to 353.

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