got a huge win on national television to stay undefeated, but they actually looked like everyone thought they would all seasonw inning 62-27 and suddenly they are ranked #8 in the country. I'm still not buying this team at all. I was all over Arizona State last week because I thought they had more talent on defense and I was completely wrong this team is 113th in yards / play allowed and 70th in sack %. UCLA struggled in all 3 of their other games because Memphis, Virginia, and Texas are all in the top 25 in sack %. Well that plays right into Utah's hands as they are ranked 5th in sacks and 18th in sack %. Better yet they get to the QB with their front 4 and don't need to blitz as the defensive line has 15 of the 18 sacks. What I like about Utah is the fact that they lost at home as a double digit favorite while UCLA exploded on national TV so no doubt we have value on this line. Washington State went into Utah as 13 point favorite and won which I predicted and cashed on at +425. I'm predicting the same thing here. The match up against Wash State was just a bad bad match up for Utah whose defense is built to stop the run and get a pass rush, but Wash State relies on quick passes so a pass rush is almost nearly impossible. UCLA is ranked 109th in protecting the QB and it's been their kryptonite all year long. I don't expect that to change in one week after one game. UTah's Nate Orchad has proven he's a dominant pass rusher and should be giving Brent Hundley plenty of pressure. Utah gave UCLA all they could handle at home last year, but Tyler Wilson turned the ball over 6 times. It it wasn't for that this team would have beaten UCLA and Stanford at home. One year later this team is deeper and better and Tyler Wilson has yet to throw an interception and the team is +5 in turnover margin. Dres Anderson is a real threat at WR and Utah has balance with Devontae Booker carrying the ball. Special teams has also been great with Kaelin Clay the fastest player on the field already taking back 4 TD's in punt and kick off returns and should be a huge factor on Saturday night, but Utah's solid front 7 on defense against UCLA's struggling offensive line should be the story here and the reason why we cash our ticket.

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