Iowa -142 3.5% play

Illinois will face the #1 defense in the nation as Iowa has only allowed 11 TD’s in 10 games and rank #1 in ypp defense.  Illinois has scored some points in each of their last two games, but against top defenses this year they are 0-3, and it just so happens all 3 of those top defenses they faced were not only at home, but also against very bad offenses like Iowa.  Penn State 96th in ypp, Wisconsin 85th in ypp, and Nebraska 98th in ypp.  They were able to host all 3 opponents and lost 7-20, 13-30, and 21-25.  Illinois offense started to click the last two games, but those have come against 105th and 85th ranked defenses, and now they are going back to the original QB Altmeyer who struggled for most of the year.  Illinois ranks 116th in % of possessions ending in TO’s.  Iowa’s offense will make this game hard to watch, but in the end they’ll squeak out a win.

Where to find Freddy?

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