Alabama / Tennessee Under 48 2.2% play

Both teams run the ball first and their offenses have not been even close to what they were a season ago.  I think this total is too high, when you factor both teams went from experienced top10 QB's who are playing in the NFL to two QB's that both coaches really don't trust.  Alabama has some explosive plays, but they are a run first team, and Tennessee has pbeen playing great defense ranking 4th in SR defense with their pass defense being the strength of the team.  I think Alabama wins this game and gets their revenge from last season, but I think their offensive line will continue to struggle agaisnt this Tennessee front that ranks 14th in sack%.  Both teams also have been limiting turnovers ranking in the top 25 in TO% per drive, and both teams play well on sepcial teams, which should lead to a lower scoring game.

Where to find Freddy?

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