Georgia / Kentucky Under 48 3.3% play


I like the under in this game. I feel Georgia has taken a step back offensively, while Kentucky's offense is a bit over rated. Both of these offenses have faced a very weak opponent defensive ranking on the season. Boht of these offenses play at a very slow pac e95th, and 123rd in seconds per play. 


I still feel like Georgia has an elite defense despite giving up 200+ yards rushing and 20 points to an Auburn offense that looked horrible the week before.  Most of that running came from the RB’s and Devin Leary just does not pose that type of threat.  In fact it also seems like Leary is struggling in the passing game, and I think Kentucky will spend plenty of time trying to run the ball after the success they had a week ago against Florida, but this game is on the road, at night and Georgia for the first time this year may try to flex their muscles.  Both defenses rank top 25 in explosive plays allowed, and both defenses are top 15 in yards per play allowed, top 25 in success rate defense.  Kentucky just has not had a ton of offensive success vs. this Georgia defense scoring 6, 13, 3, 0, 17, 13 over the past 6 years.

Where to find Freddy?

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