Arkansas /TXAM U54 2.2% play

You have to wonder why Max Johnson the son of an NFL QB has not gotten more opportunities?  His college stat line is 42 TD and 7 INT over the past 4 seasons.  He is a dink/dunk type QB that’s not going to wow you with his arm, but he’s efficient.  He’ll be getting rid of the ball quickly today against an Arkansas defense that ranks #1 in sack %.  Both of these teams are top 50 in success rate offense and defense and are elite in red zone defense, preventing TD’s.  I think we could see another tight game like we have in years past, but this total to me is a bit out of whack.  


Arkansas would have to put up points here but they rank 92nd in explosive offense, and 102nd in pace.  I love KJ Jefferson, but I think this is his biggest challenge.  He had a great game last year they only managed 21 points in a 2 point loss, and went two quarters without scoring.  This isn’t BYU, or LSU’s 89th ranked ypp defense.  Arkansas also needs this game like blood so I am expecting a very high effort from their defense that tends to keep everything in front of them.

Where to find Freddy?

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