BC / Louisville O54 2.2% play

Perfect weather for this game and will not impact the offensive game plan at all.  Boston College games this season have all gotten into the 50’s this season, and I expect this game to reach 60 total points.  Boston College has really struggled on defense and their game last week was quite misleading on the defensive side of the ball where they gave up 31 points early before Florida State took their foot off the gas the week before Clemson.  I think that has given us some extra value here in the total when you combine the fact that Louisville played a low total game on the road against Indiana.  Louisville is coming back home and you can bet Jeff Brohm will be motivated to put on a show against the struggling BC secondary. Both of these teams play fast temp so you can expect plenty of possessions. BC’s offense looks improved the past few weeks so I have no worries about them putting up their share of points in this one.

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