Temple / Miami Under 47 2.2% play

The weather is going to be a real issue here for both teams with 20 mph sustained winds and 30+mph gusts with rain added to the forecast. This total has been bet down, but I believe there is still value under 47.  I honestly don't know how Temple is going to score here when Miami knows Temple is going to have to run due to teh weather and Temple averaged less than 3 ypc vs. Akron and Rutgers.  Temple's defense on the flip side has been pretty good, and they are even better at home.  I think Miami's first road game with ACC on deck could be a bit of a sleep spot.  Miami also 129th in pace and is fine slowing it down.  With running being the likely play choice here Temple should be able to force some field goals. I like  Temple too given the spot, but I just don't know if they can score more than 10 points.

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