Navy +14 2.2% play

Low total and getting 2TD's in a conference game, Navy is under the radar because of their drumming by Notre Dame and we really don't know much about how they will perform. I do know that they have 18 returning startesr and a new HC that has been the DC, so I expect better play from them on the season. I feel like this is a nice buy low spot on Navy & given the way they slow a game down there is value on this spread


Memphis we are selling maybe a bit high? They were +4 TO margin last week and beat a very bad Arkansas State team which does not really prove anything. They did beat navy 37-13 last year, but were +3 TO margin. Memphis 12 returning starters and they return their star QB Seth Henigan, but he is without his top 4 WR. Memphis lost some quality players at the LB spot and brought in transfers that may not have the same experience against this Navy offense. Lastly, Memphis may be more excited and looking ahead to their next game against an SEC opponent in Missouri. They are 3-10 ATS in their last 13 as a home favorite.

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