TCU +14 2.2% PLAY 

Special Teams edge goes to TCU as they rank 11th compared to Georgia’s 48th ranking, ability to turn their opponents over, and not force turnovers goes to TCU.  You want to feel a little bit better about TCU, the “sharps” who sell picks are all over Georgia here tonight. I like to take the side of the public when it feels too easy, and really this is conference bias at its best.  Georgia may smack TCU in the mouth and dominate, but the Big 12 has held their own vs. SEC going 6-4 the last 3 years, and 5-2 in bowl games.  We saw Alabama vs. Texas which is a similar match up to this game today.  Alabama was a 21 point road favorite and nearly lost outright.  Alabama had a massive QB edge in that game Bryce Young > Ewers/Card, while tonight’s game is pretty even Duggan = Bennett.  Kansas State, the team that beat TCU in OT in the Big 12 Championship beat Missouri 40-12 as a 7 point favorite.  Missouri 2 weeks later nearly upset Georgia at home losing 26-22. Nobody expected TCU to be here, and it has been the same story all year long.  I’ve felt victim of fading TCU, and losing whether it be bad luck or unexpected performances.  TCU will fight until the game is over, and I think they can cover this spread.

Where to find Freddy?

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