Florida State -10 1.1% Free Play 

A lot of excitement for this FSU team playing in their home state with a chance to get to 10 wins.  Oklahoma defense when facing a top 50 offense this season has given up 41, 55, 49, and 42 points.  While I would like to bet the over here I just can't with Oklahoma missing 3 starting OL and going up against #6 pass rush team.  I think Florida State should be able to control this game from the start, and should be motivated to win by double digits and create some buzz heading into the off season. This is the best offense that FSU's #12 ranked defense has faced, but as mentioned it comes without some weapons and while I still do believe Dillon Gabriel will be able to put up some points he may also have some turnovers.  Oklahoma vs. top 50 defenses scored 34, 24, 0 (without Gabriel), and 27 going 1-3.  I think Florida State has motivation to blow Oklahoma out. 

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