BYU + 4.5 2.2% play

BYU should be able to run the ball in this game with SMU just being absolutely horrible at stopping the run ranking 123rd in the county this year.  BYU will likely be without their starting QB Jalen Hall, but I think if anything that puts a huge question mark for preparation for SMU coaching staff, which  has struggled on defense all season long.  BYU key has been running the ball the last two years they average +1 ypc in their wins and when going up against a run defense 90th or worse they are 11-0 score 30+ points in 9 of those games and I’m sure if I look back further that trend continues.  SMU went just 1-3 this season with rushing offense ranking in the top 40, and gave up 63 points to Houston who ranks 42nd.  If SMU can just magically stop the run then this play is in big trouble, cut I don’t think they can.  SMU’s offense should be able to score points here too, but they will be without their top receiver in Rice, and that loss is a big deal here.  The Mountain West is also 6-2 +12.1 points per game vs. AAC in bowl games. The weather is going to be in the low 30’s and this game will be played at elevation, which is something that benefits BYU players as well.

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