Fresno -4 2.2% play  

Fresno State’s Jake Haener gets up for these games against P5, something about playing with a chip on his shoulder.  Washington State will be without 3 of their top 4 WR, both coordinators, and typically this style offense does not do well with a long break.  Fresno State just played a mobile QB when they faced Fresno State in the Championship, and they dominated winning and avenging their only loss to a team that ranked top 50 in run and pass defense.  Washington State ranks 41st in epa run defense and 45th in epa pass defense, but they’ll be without several defensive starters here as well.  When they have had to face a top passing offense they have gone 0-4 giving up 36.5 ppg, while facing a top pass defense they only managed 10 points and 14 points and Fresno has both.  Fresno has gotten hose results from facing G5 teams, but this team has more than hold their own stepping up to play the power 5, and this being a bowl game against a depleted Washington State team they’ll be motivated to win by a TD or more.

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