USC -2 3.3% PLAY

Seems like almost everyone is on UCLA or giving out UCLA.  I understand they have an edge running the ball and USC just lost Travis Dye, but this UCLA team is not the typical team that beats Lincoln Riley.  Typically the team that beats Lincoln Riley has a dominant defense, and UCLA rnaks 107th in success rate defense, 81st in epa pass, 86th in epa run.  I understand USC is not any better on defense, but I think their offense more than makes up for it here.  USC offensive stats are elite and that has come without Jordan Addiosn and Mario Williams in some games, boht return here at WR, which is where the UCLA defense is very questionable.  UCLA defensive front also ranks 68th in sack %, which just is not good enough to get to Caleb Williams.  USC on the other hand ranks 19th, and could cause TO that is key in this game.  USC is also the better third down team, better red zone team, better TO margin team, and special teams.  There is no home field advantage here and should be 50-50 for both teams.  USC will keep their hopes at a playoff birth alive. 

Where to find Freddy?

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