LA Tech +130 2.5% ML Dog play

Rice has been great at 5-1 ATS this season, but now they’re a road favorite to a team they were a 3.5 point dog to just last November, a game La Tech lost due to 3 turnovers.  Speaking of turnovers, Rice ranks 131st in percentage of possessions ending in a TO, and Louisiana Tech ranks 33rd on defense in that category.  Rice is -7 to margin on the road this season while LA Tech is +4 at home.


La Tech also has the better success rate offense and defense, and I would argue they have played the tougher schedule when you look at the fact that they have played 4 of their 6 games on the road, and have faced Clemson and Missouri.  I think this came should be closer to pk, and I’ll take ML here at home.  

Where to find Freddy?

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