Iowa -175 2.5 %play

There is no way I could play Iowa -3.5  here with the way the offense has looked dating back to last year, and the overall style that Kirk Ferentz likes to run here, but with that said  This line was 6 the week before.  Iowa's offense has looked horrible, but the defense was outstanding, they get this game back home and Ferentz has owned Matt Campbell 5-0, and now Campbell has the inexperienced team this year.  I think Iowa got so much negative press this week, and were booed in their own building, but they should get their RB Gavin Williams back this week, which will help the offense, and it’s always easier to make adjustments after a poor game than it is after a good game.  South Dakota State was also the #3 FCS team in coaches poll, and would be favored against many FBS opponents and Iowa held them to 2.1 yards per play.  Iowa also has an edge on special teams with their punter, and overall seem to take care of the ball better.

Where to find Freddy?

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