49ERS / COWBOYS Over 51 2.2% play

When you look at both of these teams they are top explosive teams, and the Cowboys are #2 in pace.  They both have bottom explosive defenses, ranking 23rd (49ers), and 27th (Cowboys).  This game is being played indoors in perfect situations.  When the 49ers played bottom tier explosive defenses they averaged 30.6 ppg, when their defense played top 15 explosive offense they allowed 23.7, which equates to 55points.  Cowboys vs. bottom tier explosive defenses averaged 33.67 ppg, and against explosive offenses allowed 23.5 ppg for a total of 57.21 ppg.  Add it all up and as square as it might be I like the over 51.  Both teams also struggled against opponent strengths, and have the match up advantage where the Cowboys strong pass offense is going against the 49ers weak pass defense, and the 49ers strong rushing attacking going against the poor Cowboys run defense.

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