Utah +4.5 3.3% play / Utah +165 0.7% bonus

Kyle Whittingham one of the best coaches in college football and best bowl coaches and this could be his last game as the head coach.  Ohio State just won the Rose Bowl in 2019, and have many of their best players opting out.  I'm sure the replacements have just as much talent, but I think it's going to create some issues for Ohio State's offense, and on the flip side I don't see why Utah's offense can't do what Michigan's offense did when they upset a motivated Ohio State.  Utah's defensive line ranks 14th in sack % compared to Michigan's 46th rank.  Utah may not have the big names that Michigan has, but they do a lot of things that are very similar to what Michigan does.  Overall Utah +1.5 ypp differential vs. opponent with a +0.05 diff, compared to Michigan who was +1.9 vs. -0.02.

This is Utah's first trip to the Rose Bowl and it's clear they want to be here more.  I think Utah will also have plenty of fans here compared to Ohio State who aren't very excited to travel for this game.

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