Ohio State +4.5 5.5* NCAAF POD Ohio State +175 1.5* play
This has tight game written all over it. Wisconsin has soared as almost what you’d consider to be a heavy favorite. Ohio state has had issues vs. the run the last few weeks and Wisconsin obviously has the best rushing offense they have faced. A lot of experts are saying whoever runs the ball better wins this game, but I’m not so sure. Ohio State actually is allowing more yards per run in their wins than their losses and Wisconsin is rushing for the same in their wins and losses. I think the team that wins is going to be the team whose QB plays better and plays better in the red zone, but either way we are looking at a conservative game late with the QB play just not being there and two extremely talented defenses against the run.

Ohio State has Cardale Jones coming in and I think it’s harder for Wisconsin because they really do not know what they are going to see. Urban Meyer also is very good with QB’s in his system and I’m not worried one bit. I mean try to think back and tell me who the last bad QB was under Meyer? Even Kenny Guiton put up 14 TD and 2 INT last year while Miller was out. Shit if you look back to his Utah days Urban Meyer has produced a QB rating the last 9 seasons he’s coached of 16th, 3rd, 37th, 24th, 1st, 8th, 1st, 10th, and 3rd which is ridiculous. So whatever line they moved for this game because of the QB play I’m thinking we have value being on the side of a coach that’s better than his opponent.

I also think Joel Stave is going to have a lot of issues moving the ball when he has to. In Wisconsin losses he has a 51 QB rating and in wins he has a 147. Ohio State has only allowed 7 passing TD’s and has 13 INT’s in conference play. They are +5 in turnover margin while Wisconsin is -2. Wisconsin is also not very good in red zone defense which should be the difference as they are allowing 72% TD rate when opponents get there.

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