Wash St / Utah Under 54.5 2.2% play


utah’s defense holds sd st to 248 yards but give up 33pts

utah’s offense has struggled, and their defense has been dominant, but the last two games they hav eplaye dthey have given up 26 and 33 points.  now they lose their qb charlie brewer who simply leaves the team and quits.  nobody likes a quitter.  utah had 14 drives, and just a 28.6% drive success rate.  They wer enegative in epa/pass and epa/rush.  tHIS WEEK THEY FACE WASHINGTON ST WHO JUST GOT CLOBERED BY USC 45-14, AND ON THE SURFACE IT LOOKS LIKE WE WILL HAVE A HIGH SCORING GAME, BUT I JUST DON’T SEE IT THAT WAY. I THINK WHITTINGHAM SIMPLIFIES THE OFFENSE WITH BREWER GONE AND RELIES ON HIS DEFENSE.  WASH ST AGAINST USC WAS NOT VERY SUCCESSFUL, AND THEIR DEFENSE SPECIFICALLY THEIR RUN DEFENSE HAS BEEN THE STRENGHT OF THE UNIT. I THINK THIS GOES UNDER THE TOTAL 54.5.


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