Washington -16.5 2.2% play

Washington+7 was a premium play for me and unfortunately the early play calling was just very bad for Washington as they continually were predictable.  They still were only outgained by 44 yards in this game, but they did not let their QB D. Morris throw until late in the second half.  There were moments where I thought we might tget the back door push.  I think the one good thing that probably happened from this game was maybe Jimmy Lake has confidence in his QB.

This week they face Arkansas State, a team that just gave up 263 yards to Memphis on the ground and 55 points.  I think Washington will be really desperate here to get a win and they should finally be able to get the running game going against an Arkansas State team that relies more on their offense than defense these days as they are currently going through a shift to Butch Jones as their head coach.  I just don’t see them being able to score a ton of points on the road at an angry Washington team.  Washington has always been a good team in non-conference play, and sit at 0-2.

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