Jets/Panthers Over 45 1.1% Free Play

The Panthers played without Christian McCaffery and had to face one of the toughest schedules of opposing defenses with 68% of their opponents ranking in the top 15 in defense.  Against non-top 15 defenses they averaged 27.3 ppgs, over a TD higher than they did against top 15 defenses.  Add in Sam Darndold, and a healthy Christian McCaffery.   Darnold was able to move the ball throughout preseason and has chemistry with WR Robby Anderson.

The Jets spent a ton of money on the defensive side in free agency to help with Robert Saleh's scheme, because the Jets have invested on the offense in the draft.  The Jets top 3 defensive signings, Curry, Davis, Lawson are out, and add in the Jets S Marcus Maye and we can conclude the Jets at this point are likely not a top 15 defense to start the season.

The Jets offense should also be improved this year with Zach Wilson who has had a great pre-season, and the Jets have a deep group of WR, and an improved offensive line. 


Where to find Freddy?

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