Army +7 2.2% play

ARmy +7

This one is going to move to 6.5 at some point so I'm jumping on the 7 while it is still available.  I believe Army will have something to prove here after they got passed for a bowl game inititally despite a 9-2 season, and I have no doubt they will be giving full effort here in Memphis.  There will also be rain and wind in the forecast, which typically favor a run first team like Army getting over a TD.  West Virginia's best defensive player also opted out to prepare for the NFL draft, and West Virginia although have had a strong defensive year have been doing so without a coordinator.  Now they'll have to prepare for the triple option on short notice, which is less than ideal for a young coaching staff.  The OLB Coach Jeff Casteel has been around for 33 years, but in his 3 years at Nevada he gave up over 700 yards in 2 games against Air Force.  For all of the great things West Virginia did this year they were below average on third down defense allowing 42.24%, while their average opponent was well below average converting at 35.7%.  Army has a solid defense,here against the pass and run, and ranks 21st in success defense.

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