Texas Tech +7.5 / SMU +8.5 3.3% PLAY

Baylor does not seem to be a team this year to get margin and they really have been quite lucky to stay close in some of the games due to defenses playing prevent or just TO luck going their way, with this line moving 2.5 points to Tech as a dog I like teasing the home team whom has the better defense up over a key number to 7.5.  IT’s also worth noting that Tech’s defense has struggled, but they have played the far tougher schedule of offenses compared to Baylor.  Baylor’s average YPP offense faced is 72.4, compared to Tech’s 47.6.  Baylor at this point is one dimensional ranking 119th in rushing ypc, and 103rd in epa rushing offense.  

SMU brings something to the table against Tulsa that they struggled with and that is a passing offense.  I think the wrong team is favored here and taking them up over a key # is the way to go.

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