Minnesota +3.5 3.3% play

The battle for the Bronze PIg.  This game is a big deal to Minnesota, and I think there is some value in the line here despite how bad Minnesota has looked, Iowa's offense has not been great, and their defense has some quesiton marks as they lost 3 of their 4 starting DL's, and rebuilt their LB's, they have yet to face an offense as good as Minnesota in my opinion and I think the fact that Purdue's RB Horvath ran for 129 yards in week 1 is a good indication that MInnesota should be able to get their running game going.  I also trust TAnner Morgan in cold weather more than Spencer Petras, who also is not a mobile QB.  Petras came from San Francisco, and I worry about his ability in the cold weather tonight as it will be 32 degrees.

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