Clemson -14 3.3% play

I see some value here on Clemson who is 0-3 ATS going up against a Miami team that's 3-0 ATS.  Miami really has not played anyone, and despite being ranked #7 in the country right now are 35th in success rate on offense, and 25% on defense, which really does not have the resume of a top 10 team.  Clemson also is saying all the right things, they got their shitty game out of the way against Virginia, which is giving us some extra line value here.  This is a Clemson team that beat Miami 96-3 the last two years, and the only thing that has changed since then is D'eriq King and Rhett Lashlee.  The question is, can those guys make a major difference?

I don't think so.  Rhett Lashlee is probably is probably a bit over rated in my opinion as he's only led two top 30 yards per play offenses, and it came a long time ago at Auburn in 2013 and 2014, where he was the co-offensive coordinator, and under Gus Malzahn who I believe was the one calling plays.  His last two years at Auburn were average at best ranking 79th, and 42nd, then he goes to Uconn... UCONN, are you kidding me?  They rank 82nd, and then onto SMU the last two years where they rank 106th, and 31st.  He likes to play fast, which is not a great idea when you don't have as much talent as Clemson.  We also saw Brett Venables against Lashlee back in 2016, and Clemson held Auburn to 13 points in their win.

D'eriq King is an amazong college football player, but the fact is to this point over his 20 career starts he has only seen 3 TOP 50 defenses, and had an average QB rating of 130, which would put you just inside the top 40.  That's above average, but not elite, and again those defenses don't have the talent that Clemson has.  

Clemson will have something to prove here with it being on ABC, with all to watch.  There are red flags that I saw in the Louisville with this Miami defense that I think Clemson can exploit, and put Miami back in their place. 

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