Middle Tennessee +125 2.5% Dog of the Week

Troy has a lot of weapons back on offense, but there are a few things brewing here.  They have to break in a new QB, it is their first game of the season, after a non-typical year for practice and preparation. I expect some issues leading to turnovers.

On the flip side Middle Tennessee got to play, albeit against a non-schedule game against Army, which we benefited from in week 1.  MTSU has now had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and we are getting line value, because of what happened to Middle Tennessee in our only data point of 2020 for both these two teams.  I think that game against Army was an outlier, and we have value on the home dog here, in what should be a great game as the two renew their storied rivalry of the Battle for the Palladium.

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