Georgia -4 3.3% play 

This is a cheap price for Georgia.  I love the Baylor story more than anyone, and backed them twice against Oklahoma and profited, but they come into this game really in the same spot as Utah.  What could have been if they just beat Oklahoma.  It's the same situation Georgia is in as well, but they were here last year and lost to Texas.  I think that is on the minds of all the Georgia players and staff, and I think we have heard that the team has had more competitive practices and they are more focused.  That doesn't meant hey will win, but from a talent perspective even with 15 scholarship athletes missing Georgia has the edge.  They have had four top 5 recruiting classes in a row, and Baylor has yet to break the top 30 which I predict they will if Matt Rhule sticks around.

All the respect in the world for Matt Rhule, his attitude, personality, and leadership skills are all things you want from a college coach, but I think this may be a tough spot for them going up against a hungry Georgia team.  I expect the offense will look better for Georgia, as I think Jake Fromm finally found a top target in George Pickens.  I think the TE's could also have a great game here for the offense based on the defense that Baylor plays.  

For Baylor's offense I have major questions on how they are going to score against Georgia's defense.  This is easily the best defense they have faced, and their offensive line is very bad. Georgia doesn't have the sack #'s, but they definitely force QB's into mistakes, and as much as I like Charlie Brewer, I don't think this is a good matchup for him.  He struggled down the stretch and Oklahoma's defense really held Baylor in check in the Big 12 Championship before the 3rd string came in.  That's a scary fact actually, because we know how bad Oklahoma's defense still is.  Georgia is going to dominate the field position in this game, because Baylor's punter is not good and hasn't been able to flip the field, and they should have some three and outs.  

I really wanted to find a reason to take Baylor here today, but the 3.5 point line move is just too much in my opinion.  Value on Georgia, a team that is more focused than they were last year because of what happened to them against Texas.

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