Florida/Virginia Under 55.5 1.1% Free play 

Virginia ranks 113th in seconds per play, and Florida ranks 87th.  Neither team has an explosive offense ranking below top 60th in explosive run and passing, and both offenses are one dimensional.  Florida can pass, but can't run, Virginia the same.  I really think Florida can shut down Bryce Perkins as well here with extra time to prepare they should be able to hold them well in check, and Florida has one of the best red zone defenses in the country. 

At the end of the day both teams want to prove themselves, and Virginia is a team led by their defense, while Florida's team has started to trend on the offensive side their defense is still the better of the two units.  I think the total is a bit inflated here based on the play down the stretch from both teams.  Florida scoring 40+ in 2 of their last 3, and Virginia giving up a ton to Clemson, and Virginia Tech.  Bronco Mendenhall's defenses always play better and he is 19-11 ATS with extra rest.  With 74% of the best on the over, I'll take my chances on the under.

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