LSU -13.5 4.4% PLAY 

Every year we have a semi final game that's a blow out and this one is the one in 2019.  I have respect for the Big 12, but not a ton of respect for Oklahoma.  LSU really proved me wrong a ton this year, and their defense has been coming around over the last 3 games.  A defense that has a ton of 5 star athletes up front and in the secondary.  Once again I don't trust Jalen Hurts to play a clean game.  Hurts will once again find a way to turn the ball over and when you play LSU you have to play nearly perfect to win.

LSU's offense is elite, and there is this idea that Oklahoma's defense improved massively this year and down the stretch.  That could not be further from the truth.  I watched each of their last 5 games, and it was obvious over their last 3 games they slowed the game down, and focused on running the ball significantly more, and they played bad offenses.  Baylor's starting QB got knocked out early, Oklahoma State was playing with their backup QB, and TCU's offense has struggled all year.  In their previous two games against Iowa State, Kansas State they gave up 40+ points.  I think LSU might score every time they have the ball, and they won't take their foot off the break.  LSU wins big! 

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