Texas +7 1.1% Free Play 

Believe it or not at the moment Texas is a public dog play, which I don't typically like being on the same side of, but that was a massive loss for Iowa State last week at Oklahoma and Tom Herman has dominated the series against Matt Campbell holding Iowa State to just 23 points the last 3 years combined.

Texas defense started to get healthy last week, and it certainly showed as they held Kansas State's offense to 17 points, 7 points came on a kick off return.  That was a misleading final as Texas dominated the game after getting down 14-0.  This should be a fun game with two of the best QB's in the Big 12.  Texas still has aspirations of getting to the Big 12 Championship game.  They clearly have more talent than Iowa State, although I like some of the weapons that Iowa State has.  I just think they expended a ton of energy in the game against Oklahoma.  Texas better in TO margin, and a significant edge on special teams. 

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