Virginia Tech +2 2.2% play

72% of the tickets coming in on Wake Forest as they just continue to win games so this is a perfect opportunity to sell high on this team. I think these two teams are pretty even across the board.  Wake has benefitted by playing all but two games at home, and have been fortunate with TO’s so there has been some luck involved for sure. Virginia Tech has to be playing with a ton of confidence after losing by 1 at Notre Dame.  They didn’t even care about that game really as they could have played their QB Hendon Hooker who has 8 TD and 0 INT, but they let Quincy Patterson play who has been able to run the ball quite a bit. Actually both QB’s have been able to run the ball, and I think that’s a huge advantage going into this Wake game. Wake going on the road for just the 2nd team against a P5 opponent, they won at BC despite -93 yards.  I think Virginia Tech can really get the running game going here, and that’s the biggest keya s they are a run first team 60% of their plays are running plays and they go up against run defense that has been inconsistent and is without their best LB and signal caller Justin Strnad. It didn’t show up last week as they got a big lead on NC State who turned the ball over twice in the first half, but NC State when they did run, and they aren’t a run first team averaged 4.46ypc.  Louisville a team with a running QB ran for 225 and 3 TD’s.


Wake Forest has Clemson on deck, they are now ranked and have to be feeling really good after beating Florida State, and NC State at home, but they largely benefited from +5 TO margin.  I mentioned Hooker not really turning the ball over for Virginia Tech, and I think that continues on Saturday which should put them in a good spot to beat Wake Forest. Wake Forest offensively good struggle here playing a team with a good run defense, and pass rush.  Wake Forest actually only had 4.75 yards per play vs. NC State but they were able to run 88 plays. I think on the road Virginia Tech can control this game. Wake Forest was -93 yards at BC, but BC turned the ball over 3 times and still Wake only won by 3 points. I think we see a similar game, and if Virginia Tech can not turn the ball over I think they run for 200+ and win this game in shocking fashion when you consider Wake is going to get the majority of the $$ and the line is moving the other way.

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