Auburn +10.5 2.2% play 

If Florida was +10.5 here a few weeks ago I would bet them again.  LSU right now is just getting too much love in the media, I saw an article where 55 of 55 people picked LSU to win by double digits!!  Auburn has just as much talent, and they have blown double digit leads the last two years in this game, actually led 20-0 last time they were here.  LSU just last year was a 10 point under dog in this game, and now they ar a 10 point favorite?

Biggest question is whether or not Bo Nix can have a good game for Auburn, because they are going to have a hard time running the ball. I think he can, and I think he's only going to get better as the season goes along.  Don't be surprised if you see Malzahn have him throw a lot of short passes early to get his confidence up, and that falls right into the weakness of LSU's pass defnse.  I also expect a trick play or two that could change this game completely to allow Auburn to win. I don't think this freight train continues for LSU.  Against Florida they were fortunate to play Florida the week after Auburn, and Florida was missing several key defenders.  Auburn is pretty healthy here, and just a reminder.  What has Joe Burrow done against top pass defenses? He played 6 games vs. top pass defenses, and 4 of them were at home last year.  His completion % in those game 45%, 44%, 55% , 50% 57%, 51%, 1 TD and 4 INT’s. So far this year he's played an average opponent QB Rating defense of 85.5.

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