Stanford -165 3% free play 

Stanford finally gets to play a weak defense as they have played an average opponent defensive ranking of 46.67 compared to UCLA's 85.5.  Stanford ranks 42nd at stopping the run, and should be able to contain UCLA's offense.  This spread has dropped all the way down to 3.5, but I see more value on the money line here and I"m not conerned with the QB situation at Stanford.  Stanford has edges in the trenches ranking 12th in offensive line power success rate compared to UCLA who ranks 109th on defense.  Stanford ranks 23rd on defense compared to UCLA who ranks 114th on offense.  STanford also enjoys TO margin edge ranking 44th compared to UCLA's 85th ranking, and their special teams ranks 4th to UCLA's 50th ranking.  UCLA also ranks 124th in explosive plays allowed.  I think Stanford wins this game. 

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