Miami -135 3% play

More value on the money line with a total sitting at 42.  The talent gap here can't be argued.  Virginia's recruiting classes the last 3 years 36, 58, 54, compared to Miami 27, 11, 15.  Miami coming off a bad loss to Virginia Tech giving us value while Virginia is off a bye.  Virginia was off a bye last year, and Miami was off a huge upset win over Florida State, and they lost the game on the road by just 3, but htey outgained Virginia by 118 yards in that game and forced Perkins into 3 INT.  Miami will start Perry at QB here, who was benched in this game last year, and I think he really matured by being able to watch this team from the sideline. Perry came in and looked great a week ago passing for 422 yards 4 TD's nearly bringing his team back from 28-0.

Miami fought, and that's the biggest thing you want to see from a talented team.  They fought after getting down 28-0 to a desparate Virginia Tech team.  Now Miami is the desparate team, and Manny Diaz has spent a ton of time with the defense this week after they were unable to force a turnover for the first time since unveiling the turnover chain.  They were -5 TO Margin last week, but I think that changes this week.  For all the talk about Miami's offensive line, Virginia's offensive line has been no better ranking 113th in sack % allowed.  They rank 122nd in rushing yards per carry, and Perkins has struggled.  

Virginia is a public dog, and the line has moved the other way and I think it's justified. I think we see Miami come out with their best game of the year tonight, they foce some turnovers which has been an issue for Virginia 108th in TO margin, and they get the win.

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