Air Force -19.5 2.2% play 

Air Force really out played their last two opponents in the box score, and came away 1-1, but they were more impressive than the final scores indicated.  Now they get to play an inferior opponent that lost to Army 52-3 last year.  San Jose State is also off a bad travel spot on a short week, Air Force has an extra day of rest here.  San Jose State also off their biggest upset in program history beating a bad Arkansas team on the road, and benefited from +4 TO's.  Now they have to go on the road in back to back weeks to face an Air Force team on Friday night at altitude.  Not a good spot for San Jose, I can see Air Force's offense going crazy in this game.  The only reason Air Force didn't have a shot to beat Boise last week was they could not convert on 4th down.  Army was 3-3 against San Jose State on 4th down, and 10-16 on third down.  Air Force is much better than a season ago, and we haven't seen their best game yet. 

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