Clemson/Alabama Over 57 3.3% play - I actually think 1H under, so if you like to bet value you may get a better number in the 2nd quarter, or at half time.
It was raining yesterday and this morning in Santa Clara, and that has started to drive the total down along with the fact that there is a notion that field conditions here are not good. Two college games played here went well under, but neither was an offensive juggernaut. Washington vs. Utah, PAC 12 Championship, and MIchigan State vs. Oregon in the Redbox Bowl. However, the 49ers, and Seahawks played an OT game in the rain and the field held up well and I don't think impacted the offenses. New turf was put on just for this game and it has been covered, so I feel the field will be in excellent shape and we are getting value on the over as the last 59 games played here in NFL & College have gone under 61%. This total is already coming down, and I feel like we have value with two offenses led by future NFL 1st round picks at the QB position. They both have a threat of the running game, and they have 4 receivers going against overrated secondaries. Weather will be around 50 degrees with no wind.

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