Washington +7 3.3% play 

If you don't have a +7 right now at your book you should get one with nearly 70% of the best on Ohio State, based on their last 2 games alone, and Urban Meyer's last game, but Washington is not going to just hand them this game.  This is a Washington team that prides themselves on developing and recruiting NFL caliber corner backs, and I think that gives them the edge in this match-up going up against Ohio State's #3 passing game behind Haskins who had an unbelievable season.  Washington can also stop the run, and have edges on defense.

Washington runs a different defense than MIchigan, who Ohio State lit up to end the season.  That Michigan win looks a lot less impressive now when you factor in Michigan got blown out in their bowl game too.  Washington has not had a bad game and all of their losses came by less than the TD with losses of 5, 3, and 2 points.  Where I think Washington has the biggest advantage is in the running game.  Myles Gaskin should have a big day here going up against Ohio State's 81st ranked defense.  I also think the innovative offensive mind of Chris Peterson should be huge here as Ohio State ranked 124th in explosive plays allowed.  Washington on the flip side ranks 3rd in explosive plays allowed which is a big part of Ohio State's offense.  While I think Big Ten is the bigger conference, I feel like this spread should be more like 3-4 points and it's at 7. 

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