Iowa +7.5 3.3% play
Iowa played few defenses that would be considered top 25 at the time and they averaged 13.3 points per game. For sure this is the best defense they have faced in Miss State, but Miss State has to score points as well, and their offense against elite defenses averaged just 7.8 points per game over 5 games. Miss State has a one dimensional attack with NIck Fitzgerald running the ball, something Iowa which ranks 10th in yards per play defense, and 13th against the run will be able to contain. This is the best rushing defense Iowa has had in a few years, and their defensive line is going to play with a chip on their shoulders here. All we have heard is Miss State's defensive line is great, but Iowa's DE Darker Hesse and AJ Epenesa lead a group that is 18th in sack %, and they go up against Miss State, a team that ranks 110th in protection.
This is a low total so grabbing Iowa at +7.5 with a total of 41 is worth taking. 

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