Wyoming +145 3% Play

Wyoming really needs a win right now and they are getting disrespected here.  Wyoming has faced WAshington State, Missouri, and Boise State for their 3 losses.  Hawaii has not faced an opponent close to those 3 and I think Wyoming's offense could get a wake up call here against a Hawaii team that just played 5 OT's has to travel back, and is playing their 7th game in 7 weeks.  It's an awful spot for a Hawaii team that is 5-1, but really haven't beaten anyone.  Let's look at the defenses they have faced from a yards per play perspective - 129, 110, 128, 115, FCS, and #63 in San Jose State who really held Hawaii in check for most of the game.

Wyoming is the best defense that Hawaii has faced so far ranking #56, but they are actually better than that ranking in my opinion when you factor in they have already faced 3 TOP 50 offenses.  Wyoming also had a bye the week before Boise and played Wofford the week before so they are well rested here. 

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