California +8.5 / Virginia Tech +10.5 3.3% Teaser of the week 

Cal +8.5 - This is a brutal spot for Oregon after they choked up a game vs. Stanford last week in what was their game of the year.  I gave out Oregon as a premium play and really thought they would dominate.   I think Cal off the bye playing a team that went to OT will have an advantage here.  Cal is also very under rated on defense and I think will keep this to a one possession game and have a chance at the upset. This defense has been much improved under Wilcox, and Oregon has not been a good road team of late, and in conference play they are just 6-14 ATS over their last 20 conference games.  The struggles continue.

Virginia Tech +10.5

We get a low total and extra points here with Virginia Tech losing last week and the "turmoil" surrounding the program, but I think Virginia Tech cleaning house is a good thing for the program as the younger players are clearly more talented anyway based on recruiting class.  I'm interested to see QB Ryan Willis with a full week of prep, because he was thrown into a tough situation and actually looked better running the RPO than Jackson.  Duke, on the other hand is fat and happy and also playing a backup QB.  At the end of the day the team that can run the ball better will win this game, and I can not necessarily say Virginia Tech can do that, but it's going to be close, and this will be on possession game that comes down to the wire.  We are getting points to start with Virginia Tech losing last week to Old Dominion, points bc of 3.5 point line move, and 6 points on the teaser, and this is already a lower total at 50 points.

Where to find Freddy?

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