Florida Atlantic -11 1.1% Free Play
This was a crushing victory for FAU the first time these two met with a 69-31 final. FAU really did whatever they wanted in that game it wasn't like a ton of turnovers or missed tackles they were running wide open. North Texas can't put 8 in the box to stop the run either because FAU can throw the ball and threw the ball for over 300 yards in this game as well. FAU had 800+ yards in this match-up. This game is also at home, and both teams like to play fast so don't be surprised as an 11 point spread is more like a TD spread in a lower scoring game.

This game was also 48-10 FAU before they sort of let North Texas score some points. North Texas for sure will be scoring in the 40's in my opinion as North Texas has allowed 50 points per game when facing a top 50 offense which has happened 4 times this year. Their defensive weakness is also against the run which does not look good for them here. They also allowed 38 points to Old Dominion who finished the season ranking 112th in yards per play. Without a ton of turnovers I don't see how North Texas can stay in this game. North Texas was -7 in TO margin this year while FAU was +12.

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