Florida +140 3% play
Missouri is a different team against non-power 5 opponents. Over the past two years they have averaged 63 points per game against non-power 5 opponents. Then they play a power 5 team and only average 20 points per game. Drew Lock, the Missouri QB playing with a ton of confidence right know but he's going to face off against a Florida team that will be defensive minded with their defensive coach taking over in Randy Shannon.
I like backing a team in situations like this we have already seen what it has done for Oregon State in back to back easy covers. UTEP, Georgia Southern also got rid of their coaches this year and covered the spread in their first week. Despite what you hear the sky is not actually falling for Florida Gators and they should be just fine.
Missouri also part of my elusive list of covering the spread by 14+ points in back to back weeks.

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