Clemson -14 2.2% play
Clemson holds some value this week off a bye and Georgia Tech off a misleading 14 point win over Wake Forest, and another misleading loss to Miami who outgained Georgia Tech by 200 yards. This is the second week in a row that Georgia Tech will face a team off a bye, but this team on the road. Clemson has held Georgia Tech's triple option to less than 100 yards each of the last two years while beating them by 19 points in each match-up. We are quickly learning that Syracuse is a good team as they took Miami to the wire they also gave LSU and NC State issues.

Clemson lost at Syracuse and now has to feel pretty disrespected now #7 in the polls. With Kelly Bryant listed as probable and this line moving in our favor to a key number of 14 it's worth a play here as Clemson gets back into the college football playoff discussion with a big win.

Where to find Freddy?

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