I'll take the Bonnies here as they can handle the ball and VCU is just 3-4 vs. teams in the top 100 in turnover %. All 3 of those wins came at home. The Bonnies have advantages in other places that really give them an advantage in this game particularly in rebounding where they are ranked 41st in rebound rate to VCU at 258th and FT rate also in the top 100 for both offensive and defensive. St. Bonaventure also plays better defense outside the 3 ranking #57th and 28th in blocks so for VCU to win this game they have to shoot well from 3 which is an area of worry for St Bonaventure, but being at home should take care of that, but if we do lose this game it will be because of poor perimeter defense, but the odds VCU will shoot greater than 40% from 3 are in our favor and that's what they'll need to do to win and I don't see it happening.

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