Arkansas vs. Alabama-8:00pm


**6** PLAY- 63% run in the last 10 days on 6** plays!!



Arkansas/Alabama- Arkansas and Alabama are the two bottom feeders in their conference.  Arkansas only win came against Alabama at home and Alabama looks to revenge that.  Alabama is 4-8 in conference play compared to Arkansas 1-11.  IN the first match up Arkansas got a lot of help from the refs it seemed getting to the FT line 25 more times than the Crimson tide and shot 80% when they got there.  Actually Arkansas had a great shooting night all around 49.1% from the field 42.9% from three.  At home it should be a different story for Alabama a team motivated by revenge.  Alabama is giving up just 38.1fg%, 28%3p and they are getting to the line 5 more times than their opponents at home.  Arkansas also shoots just 63% and gets to the line about 4 times less on the road.  When we look at what these two have done against similar opponents in conference play we see that Alabama has played better defense, shot better FT%, and rebounded the ball better.  Those are the three important factors for me and with Alabama as a small favorite here tonight I think I"ll take them to win this one by double digits!

Take Alabama -4 (6** play)

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